05 January 2021

Banking, Finance and Insurance Industries

It is researched that 46 percent of the US citizens use voice assistants. Observing the strong presence of voice assistants, banks, financial, service and insurance (BFSI) firms have actively adopted enterprise voice assistants for both internal (employees) and external (customers) purposes.

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20 December 2020

Health and Wellness

With cutting edge artificial intelligence upgrading our lives above mediocrity, voice technology emerges out to be the healthcare stalwarts of the future. From handling follow up calls to medical triage, booking appointments, and even diagnosis, VUI (Voice User Interface) is the perfect combination of medical knowledge with technology and tones of conversation to be the voice of the healthcare industry.

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27 November 2020

Real Estate

Are you eagerly searching for ways to enhance the profitability and productivity of your business? The real estate virtual assistant can be one of the best solutions for this. As lead generation is The Most Important factor necessary for making the real estate business thrive.

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15 November 2020

Hotel Rooms

In the not too distant future, you will be able to lie on your bed in a hotel room and control room features and services entirely with voice commands. The technology behind this is already available. Many homes already have an Amazon Echo, an Internet-connected voice interface that connects you with Amazon's Alexa.

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01 November 2020

Car Dealership

Customers will be able to ask for information related to any car model and they will be given the answer in a quick and efficient manner. Using Alexa and Google Home user will be able to book a test drive at their nearest showroom with just a few commands.

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22 October 2020

Coaching Institutes

In many homes today, scenes from futuristic movies are playing out: A child enters a room and asks it for a weather update, to turn on the TV or to call Mom. Like magic, it happens. But that 'magic' is actually made possible by voice assistant software and conversational artificial intelligence

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13 October 2015

Office Smart Assistant

Voice assistants have undoubtedly given us something to talk about, but most of that chatter is singularly focused on the consumer experience, particularly as to how voice-first devices service and enliven our homes. All play and no work means we aren't tapping into the full arsenal of capabilities voice assistants offer. However, since the announcement that Alexa is going 9-to-5 and making its way into the office, the noise around voice assistants has finally started extending toward enterprise use cases.

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