Popular Amazon Alexa skills by Voxogenic.

Bulls and Cows

Code breaking mind game


Challenging Number Puzzle for Kids & Grown ups

Odd One Out

Brain game for reasoning skills

Battle Ludo

World's First Voice Controlled Ludo Game

Master Blaster

Quiz styled cricket match based on facts and trivia

Synonyms & Antonyms

Improve your Vocabulary with Antonio & Synorita

What's the Time Mr. Wolf?

Test your time telling knowledge with Mr. Wolf

This or That

What is better : Marvels or DC?

Past Present Future

Fun Tense learning game.

Number Chain Game

Train Your Brain with numbers

Atlas Game

Did you know Kiribati is a country?

Penalty Shootout

Beat Alexa in penalties to win the match

Lucky Seven

How big can you bet?

Guess My Number

Tricky number guessing game

The Number Game

Only for genius minds

PUBG Weapons

Identify PUBG weapons by thier sound

Vehicle Sounds

Can you identify a Bugatti Chiron by its sound?

Morse Code

Learn decrypting morse code with Alexa

Haryanvi Jokes

Funny jokes from the land of Sarcasm

Ultimate Bass Guitar Tuner

Tuner assistant for strings of your bass guitar

Mandolin Tuner

Tune your Mandolin strings with this tuner assistant

Cello Tuner

Personal tuner assistant for your Cello

Ukulele Tuner

Tune your Ukelele with Alexa

Ultimate Guitar Tuner

Alexa will help you tune your Guitar

Viola Tuner

Tuner assistant for strings of your Viola

Ramayana Quiz

This trivia is for you if you love mythology

Musical Instruments Quiz

Identify the musical instruments by their sound

Math Quiz

Sharpen your calculations with this quiz

Gadget Quiz

Quiz for gadget lovers

Animal Sounds Quiz

Identify animals by their sounds

Breaking Bad Quiz

Who actually is Heisenberg?

Video Game Quiz

Quiz for video game lovers.

Science quiz

Test your knowledge of science facts

Economics Quiz

Test your knowledge of Economics

Cartoon Quiz

Just for cartoon lovers

History Quiz

Test your knowledge of History

Talking Lucy

Talk to this funny companion

Medical Benifits of Marijuana

All you need to know about Marijuana

SSC Maths

Learn competitive maths with Alexa

SSC Vocabulary

Learn competitive English with Alexa

N'Golo Kante Facts

All you need to know about N'Golo kante

Famous Movie Quotes

"Ye haath mujhe dede thaakur"

Crypto Stats

Get to know Cryptocurrency in detail

Fake News Update

A fun skill to enjoy

Optimize Me

World's best wisdom lessons on Alexa